Chinmoy – John Paul II receiving the U Thant Peace Award – a hoax

The U Thant Peace Award is said to have been awarded to Pope John Paul II , you will read this on Wikipedia or . This allegations must be put in perspective .

First of all the meetings that Chinmoy Kumar Ghose had with the different popes took place during the public meetings for which the only requirement is to register in advance ; basically anyone can see the Pope and have a quick conversation , ask for a blessing or give the pope a gift .

Chinmoy Pope Public Audience
Chinmoy Pope Public Audience
Source : wikipedia

So what happened is that one day Chinmoy showed up at a public papal audience with his U Thant Peace Award plaque , gave it to the Pope and regardless of what John Paul II thought Chinmoy had decided that the U Thant prize had been awarded and accepted. Nothing in the archives of the Vatican say that John Paul II had accepted this prize , on the contrary in the archives we can find the following text which gives an idea on how the Vatican kept and still keeps his distances with people like Ghose:

There is a galaxy of sects and new religious movements which have spread around the world and they should not be too quickly identified with any religion in its proper sense. Sects are often the result of a confused understanding by their adherents of the original religions out of which they  branch out and therefore sects cause difficulties for authentic interreligious dialogue. I would like to mention just some of these: Organisation of Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Sri Chinmoy, Hare Krishna, Brahma Kumari, Sahaja Yoga, Osho Rajneesh, Ananda Marga Pracharaka Sangha, Soka Gakkai, Sukyo Mahikari, etc. Other sects prevalent in the world are: Church of Scientology, Unification Church (Moon), Jehovah’s Witnesses, and also including those many groups associated with satanism, occultism and those engaged in evil practices which are destructive of human life. In the post-modern world there is also widespread phenomenon of New Age, manifestations of which are many and different. The phenomenon permeates cultures, which are its markets and vehicles. Since expressions of New Age are constantly changing, it is a difficult phenomenon to define. New Age is a form of gnosis that incorporates various spiritual insights and methods eclectically adopted from traditional religious and ancient medical practices. Combining them with scientific and pseudo-scientific approaches to healing, it is a search for a positive transformation of consciousness through precise techniques. Often at the heart of the New Age worldview is a false opposition between spirituality and religion.

The following link is the link on a Chinmoy’s devotee site where you can find a picture of John Pope receiving a plaque from Ghose during a public audience . No statement from the Pope nor the Vatican have ever been made.

Photograph — Presenting U Thant Peace Award

The link to the complete text in the Vatican archives:

People on the Move N° 106 (Suppl.-I), April 2008 Witnesses of Hope in an Ecumenical and Inter-religious Surrounding

The link to the Vatican search engine:

vatican archives search engine

The point I am making here is the public relation hoax ; not what the Vatican thinks of Gurus and so . Besides if you use google to find pictures of Chinmoy with popes you will find pictures whose backgrounds have been altered and blackened to make the meeting more “intimate”.

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