Chinmoy – Sliema’s Statue Controversy

On January 14, 2016, a new statue of Sri Chinmoy was inaugurated in Sliema, Malta , in the presence of local and international dignitaries. However, some 500 people signed a petition demanding the removal of the statue. The monument costed the Sri Chinmoy Organization €14,353 to create and ship. The Sliema local council was led to believe that the monument was for peace, not to celebrate a cult leader.The councel was also told that the project was backed by the UNESCO and the UNESCO representative in Malta denied any involvment in this project.

Chinmoy is not exactly Nelson Mandela or Martin Luther King. If you are going to put up a life‐sized statue in the area then the personality either has to be connected to Sliema or Malta.Chinmoy fails that test irrespective of the allegations of some of the women in his sect…

The fundamental issue here is that this is not some small plaque but a life‐sized statue. Such a prominent monument has to be for someone who has done something extraordinary

Radmilli, Sliema councillor

Sliema’s Sri Chinmoy Statue Controversy on Wikipedia

cost some €14,353 to create and ship …

Remove the Sri Chinmoy Peace Movement Monument from Sliema Promenade

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