Chinmoy – “Siddharta becomes the Buddha” play

Chinmoy U-Thant 1972
Chinmoy U-Thant 1972
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The facts took place in 1973 at the United Nations main headquarters in New York , Kumar Ghose , aka Sri Chinmoy , was trying to build up his influence thru a Club called “United Nations — The Heart — Home of the World Body”; a club created by his own devotees who where working at the very same United Nations .

Chinmoy was looking for some kind of media promotion by having him in a photo with the big wigs of the UN . Amongst them was U Thant, the third Secretary-General of the United Nations, a devout Buddhist. U Thant’s final years at the UN were sad. For much of the time he was sick, and often out of the office. He would die from a cancer in 1974.

Chinmoy asked his disciples to put on stage a play called “Siddhartha Becomes the Buddha”, which tells the story of prince Siddharta becoming the Buddha , the event came to the attention of U thant who received an invitation , showed up and had a short speech , a picture was taken and U thant became Chinmoy’s “very close friend” for the eternity … Chinmoy from these events would create, after U Thant passed away, the U Thant Peace Award , that gave him the tool and opportunities to have his portray taken with important people and try to win the Nobel Peace Prize .

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