Chinmoy fired in 1964 from the Sri Aurobindo NY Center

In our last post we had spoken about the clear link made by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram between Chinmoy Kumar Ghose, a.k.a Sri Chinmoy , a Mère’s disciple who went to the USA in 1964 helped by two sponsors, and a dialogue reported in Mère Agenda about a C. individual who was in the USA in the same period . Disciples were making complaints about this C. individual who allegedly was behaving like a Guru and speaking in the name of Sri Aurobindo and Mère . In that post we presumed that K. was Kailas Jhaveri and S. Sam Spanier , both present in New York in that time frame, both Mère’s disciples and therefore attending the Sri Aurobindo Study Center of New York , like C.

Sam Spanier did not write much about Chinmoy though he helped him to come to the US and gave him some accomodation in the Village .

On the other hand Kailas Jhaveri wrote several books about her experiences with SA and Mère . A book entitled “I am with You” , published in 2004, 80 pages and a much larger part II and part III of the same book published later.

In page 57 of this book Kailas Jhaveri reports that before the 1964 New York World’s Fair, she received a letter from Mère , signed by Nolini-da, that came to her thru Mrs. Montgomery and was sent to well known disciples . The letter stated that Mère had not sent Chinmoy to speak of Aurobindo but that he had come in his own accord . Kailas reports that when Chinmoy received this news he was visibly shaken; he had prepared talks to introduce Sri Aurobindo to the American public…

The book at page 58-59 contains a copy of the letter sent to Kailas by Mère:

So it looks like Chinmoy had quite an issue with Mère and was seemingly evicted from the Sri Aurobindo Study Center of New York City …

A letter would be later , sent to the Consulate as well .

The pages I am referring can be perused on the internet archives


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