Mother’s Agenda and Chinmoy ( a.k.a Sri Chinmoy )

Mother's Agenda, 1965
Mother’s Agenda 1965

In 2007 we sent several e-mails to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives regarding (Sri) Chinmoy and the Ashram kindly replied to them . We were asking about Chinmoy’s activities at the ashram . However in his answer the Ashram stated that Mère never spoke of Chinmoy in any of her writings .

In 2020 we made a study , using a picture found on the Ashram website, a picture were Sam Spanier and Chinmoy , and some other New York disciples where gathered , for a meeting of the Sri Aurobindo Study Circle of New York City ( all the persons in this photograph are Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s disciples , including chinmoy ) . We found some quite striking resemblances with some of these people initials and those stated in the Agenda year 1965 August 18th . The Post can be found on the bottom of this page .

Sri Chinmoy Sri Aurobindo Center
Sri Aurobindo Study Circle of New York City
Sam Spanier , Chinmoy , Eric Hughes , Richard Eggenberger , Anne Nunnally , John Kelly
Dr Marie Karelitz-Karie , Kailas Jhaveri , Polly Holmes
Spanier’s Appartment Greenwich Village New York USA
May 1964

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Amongst these resemblances where of course the C. like Chinmoy , a coincidence surely and K. , like Kailash ; another coincidence it goes without saying , and at last S. like Spanier or Samuel , one’s of Chinmoy sponsor who helped him coming to the US in 1964.

However we had never found so far a direct link with the C. individual , who is at the heart of the discussion between Mère and the disciples who came to seek some advice , and Chinmoy . No need to say that we made a thorough investigation regarding this matter.

The Agenda is quite a large document . 13 volumes , six thousands pages , countless conversations are recorded and someone had the nice idea of compiling a “quick reference” ; great idea indeed . It is “Quick” because it contains direct links between people ( names ) Mère interacted with and the corresponding entry in the Agenda . The author of this Agenda Quick Reference is Varun Pabrai and has his name on the Sri Aurobindo Web Site under the Writing/Disciples menu entry of the Home Page .

So the question is the following : is there an entry with Chinmoy in this Quick Reference and to what does this entry lead us to to ? The answer is Yes , an entry do exist with Chinmoy and there is a passage of the Mother’s Agenda where we are led to . The following screenshot is the quick answer to that question . We also made a small video to explain the reader how to check by himself .

Agenda Quick Reference - Chinmoy
Agenda Quick Reference – Chinmoy

The link to the video is above

The path you need to paste to your web browser in order to have a quick access to the Agenda Menu …

link to the Agenda Quick Reference

The text which is displayed on the Ashram Web Site is the following :

(Two Americans have brought Mother photos of a former disciple who left for the United States:) Do you remember C.? He has become a great guru there, with a group, and it seems he hypnotizes people…. And two Americans have come here (very nice people, one is a painter, the other is a sculptor); one was in C.’s clutches and it’s the other who saved him by keeping him, almost brutally, materially far from C. for three days – the third day, he was free (which does seem to prove that he has a hypnotic influence) – and by telling him, “We’re leaving for Pondicherry, you don’t need an intermediary between the Mother and you.” Because C. plays the great “intermediary” between Sri Aurobindo and the poor public.

(Mother looks at the photos) Well, well, that’s just it! Oh, just look at this….

(Then she reads the letter that accompanies the photos)

“… Z and I met with him a few times. Since I saw in him a devilish evil, we have broken contact. I leave this now in your hands.”

Z lives in the forest with his friend S., in a house built with logs . I saw the photos some time ago. The forest is a marvel. But as for me, of course, I knew…. He asked for a visa as “preacher” (!) and it seems that in that case you are allowed to stay indefinitely; he no longer has to leave – that’s very good, I am very glad he is there! Because when people are caught, it was their destiny and they needed to be caught. And you can even reach the Goal through a devil as well as through an angel – better, sometimes! (Mother laughs) But it was visible when he was here: a fantastic pride and ambition that were to end up like this. He has a nasty face, very nasty.

But still, the fact that he declares himself to be the Ashram’s “envoy” is troublesome.

Ah, but I immediately wrote to Dr.Sanyal , who passed on my answer to all the people he knew. But this S. [an American], C.’s friend, is quite in a beatific adoration – that’s very good, it had to happen to him.

The Americans have so little discernment. They rush headlong at anything.

Absolutely no discernment. He [C.] must have something, but I don’t feel anything! (Mother makes a gesture as thin as cigarette paper.) It’s something without force. But K., too, when she was in America, was quite under his thumb. And she said she had marvelous meditations with him! … But I wrote to K., because he gave her advice on her life and on what she should and should not do; so she wrote to ask me, “How much am I to believe?” I answered, “Nothing! “… He had forbidden her to come to the Ashram; he had told her that it wasn’t the place for her, that she was much too grown-up to come here! The Ashram is good for those who have nothing in them, who need to be kept well in hand, while someone with a capacity must live independently. That’s how he catches them.

page 218-19 , Mother’s Agenda , volume 6 , 18th Aug – 1965

The fact that the Agenda Quick Reference, published by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram, forward the reader , when it comes to Chinmoy, directly to this entry of the Agenda is of course extremely interesting as it comes from the official web site of the spiritual community Chinmoy was coming from . We let the reader make his own judgement . In 2002 the first accounts of sexual misconducts began to emerge on the web thru a very well known Yahoo Group ( Sri_Chinmoy_Information ); which makes this warning coming from Chinmoy former’s guru , Mère, a not-so-astonishing prediction from someone who was well known for her occult powers .

Richard Eggenberger ( a.k.a Narad) in his diary , “June 9, 1965  Richard Ireland”, that can found on the Sri Aurobindo Ashram web site wrote that Chinmoy was building a large group of Puerto Ricans with the help of Sadhana Devi whom he had renamed Alo Devi. ( link to this material is below )

The date is 1965, June 9, so before the events related in the Agenda ( August ). Richard Eggenberger was a rather new disciple that probably thought that Chinmoy ( a more senior disciple from his perspective ) was working for the Mother and was helping with the build-up of the Sri Aurobindo International Center in Manhattan . Chinmoy would start his trade has a Guru and open his first center in 1966 , called Aum Centre, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

All this corroborates what the Mother said in the Agenda :

the fact that he declares himself to be the Ashram’s “envoy” is troublesome.

The Ashram in a mail said the following , regarding Mère :

It is said (unverified report) she asked him not to speak
in the name of the Ashram when he went abroad, and he complied
with this request.

Which leads us to the conclusion that C. from the Agenda and Chinmoy are the same person .

We shall remind the readers that Chinmoy had strictly forbidden to all his discples to have any contact with the Sri Aurobindo Ashram , and anyone that would do so would be expelled from his path.

Chinmoy writes in “My Consulate years” that in September 1965 he moved to New Utrecht Avenue in Brooklyn in a very noisy appartment.He had left the appartment that Spanier had lent him in Greenwich . It seems that the letter that the Mother had sent to Dr. Sanyal had been heard and that Dr. Sanyal had informed all the Disciples of Mère in New York to act accordingly .

A letter was allegedly also sent to the Consulate where Chinmoy was working as a simple clerk at the Visas department . This letter from the Ashram, describes Chinmoy as a “useless person that would bring only disgrace to the Indian Consulate”. Chinmoy narrates the incident in the same “My Consulate years” book of his . He writes in this chapter that owing to the friendship between the Consul General , Consul General, S. K. Roy , and Dilip Kumar Roy he managed to keep his job , he argued that he was a dear friend of Dilip Kumar Roy , whether true or not this is another story…

Samuel Spanier had purchased in 1965 a log cabin in Woodstock and had started to live there . Ann Harrison , Chinmoy’s second sponsor was aleready living in Woodstock in a house on top of Ohayo mountain . Therefore the two of them a very good match for the “Z lives in the forest with his friend S. etc” part of this text.

Patrick B.

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