Mother’s Mahasamadhi – Arpita death

The Mother died on November 17th, 1973. Chinmoy told before a group of disciples, in his house , that several Mother’s devotees took their life in the wake of her departure ( Mahāsamādhi ). I don’t know precisely what question from the disciples led him to make this kind of disclosure , he was known for not missing an opportunity for disparaging Mother before his own disciples – at occasions some plays where performed by his disciples about her . A disciple that goes by the name of Kodan..( a rather bad flute player … ) is well known for his impersonations … he portrayed her as a seemingly arsenic poisoned figure. Pale, slow movements, and a high pitched voice with  a heavy french accent. Anyhow Chinmoy was well known for disparaging Mother in front of his own disciples and praising her in ( some of ) his books …

A fact which is less known , though , is that Chinmoy’s eldest sister , Arpita , committed suicide at the Ashram in 1973 and passed away on November 18th of that year. The cause of her death was acknowledged by the Sri Aurobindo Ashram Archives in 2007 , by email, and the reason by a former , bengali speaker, ashram-resident that lives now in France.

Arpita was known to be a nice person and I am sorry for the way she passed away . Some of Chinmoy’s own disciples died in accidents without him be able to do anything … whilst he was boasting having fights with horrible hostile forces in the inner planes or other weird stories …

Patrick B.

Mère Mahasamadhi 1973
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