Nolini’s secretary,nurse,mother and sister : Anima Mazumdar

For years she looked after Nolini-da . His secretary, nurse, mother, sister all in one. As soon as he called “Anima”, she was there. She gave him all the royal comfort and ease he deserved. She may have her faults — who is free? — but, without her, Nolini-da would have left us long ago and in a very lamentable condition. Our admiration for her knew no bounds. She kept her eyes upon the comfort of the attendants as well. She was full of life and cheer and had a fund of tales, anecdotes, reminiscences by which she tried to enliven Nolini-da’s mood and mitigate his physical distress though she herself had high blood-pressure and was subject to headaches, pains and other ailments.

Selected Essays and Talks by Nirodbaran

Anima Mazumdar
Anima Mazumdar

This short excerpt from “Selected Essays and Talks by Nirodbaran” gives us an idea of who was Anima , in short Nolini’s assistant or secretary . Anima happened to be an acquaintance of Nirmala – one of Chinmoy’s cousins at the Ashram . The following pictures shows Nolini with Nirmala on the left and Anima on the right .

Nolini with Nirmala
Nolini with Nirmala and Anima
Nolini`s house at Sri Aurobindo Ashram – Pondicherry in the 60s
source :
anine Morisset
Morisset family with Nolini and Anima

Nirmala-di , one of Chinmoy’s cousins, is who gave him access to Nolini-da , one of the Ashram Trustees and top rated disciples of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram .

Mother India : monthly review of culture

Mother India is the Sri Aurobindo Ashram’s cultural review, the founding editor being K. D. Sethna (Amal Kiran). It had a section dedicated to Students of the Ashram where the best poems or essays would be published . We can find a lot of text from Nolini and translations would be done by students , among which are Niranjan, Parichand, Chinmoy and others .

By mining the information available thru the google books search interface, only snippet previews are available due to copyright issues , it is possible to get occurences of “Chinmoy” text pattern from Mother india past issues , and therefore get an idea of Chinmoy’s participation on the review . The past issues are also available ( search only ) on the following link:

v.11 no.1-9 1959 : 26 Results for chinmoy
v.12 1960/1961. : 28 Results for chinmoy
v.13 1961/1962. : 28 Results for chinmoy
v.14 1962/1963. : 42 Results for chinmoy
v.15 1963/1964. : 31 Results for chinmoy
v.16 1964/1965. : 5 Results for chinmoy
v.17 1965/1966. : 2 Results for chinmoy
mother india chinmoy
mother india chinmoy
mother india chinmoy
mother india chinmoy
Mother India V15 SK Banerji
Mother India V15 SK Banerji

From the above information we can see that Chinmoy did work for Nolini , mostly for translating Nolini’s writting from Bengali to english , it started in 1962 and ended roughly when Chinmoy left for the US, in 1964 . He was not the only one to work for Nolini , thing which has been told to us by the Ashram . His claim to have been Nolini’s secretary seems quite fanciful , a distorted view of reality ; besides Nolini had already a secretary .

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