Sri Chinmoy – Squating Nolini’s doorstep

While the “average” people would attend some work the Mother prescribed for 8 hrs a day, as part of Karma yoga , His Vanity had chosen to squat in front of Nolini’s apartment, waiting to get a chance to be of some use to him as a messenger boy; by dint of seing him unemployed (devoted?), Nolini end up giving him some occasional errands .

These words where collected by a former disciple (X) from an old Indian-born Sri Aurobindo-Mère-disciple Paris-resident man, who lived at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram at the same time as Chinmoy . X and H*** were told by Chinmoy in the mid 80 , they both were young disciples then, not to contact this man anymore.

These gofer style activities where also mentioned by Sam Spanier in his writtings.

Patrick B.

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