Sri Chinmoy – was he under Asuric influence ?

I was perusing an interesting post from someone who seemed to know things about Chinmoy past and was deeply thinking about that Asuric scenario .

The post says :

Chinmoy went south to the small island, Rameswaram , which is the link between India and Sri Lanka, to be with a Tantric Yogi . He spent some time with this yogi and was enventually found by some of the Ashramrites back in Pondy in a disheveled state, half-mad.

When he recovered he felt himself to be an important figure and needed to take his own message to North America.

Oddly enough , on this link below, we can read that a Tantric Yogi by the name of Panditji used to pay visit to the Mother at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram . It also says :

Two other promising Ashramites used to go to Rameshwaram to see Panditji and stay there for some periods. They ostensibly went for spiritual progress and at Mother’s instance. Unfortunately, according to what I have understood, they went for some occult powers out of ambition, fell into the usual trap of such things and, after the Mother’s passing, lost control over themselves.

Patrick B.

The link :


rameswaram map
rameswaram location

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