U Thant Peace Prize for Mugabe

In 1996 The U Thant Peace Award was given to Robert Mugabe

The following text was used by Chinmoy as an introduction to this Award

The U Thant Peace Award is presented to most distinguished individuals and organisations for their exceptional service towards world peace and for the betterment of humanity. The award, which is presented by Sri Chinmoy on behalf of The Peace Meditation at the United Nations, is named for die late Secretary-General of the United Nations. Since 1970, at the invitation of U Thant who was a close personal friend, Sri Chinmoy has offered the twice -weekly Peace Meditation at the United Nations…

The following excerps are from an Amnisty International report regarding Mugabe published after he passed away

While casting himself as the saviour of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe inflicted lasting damage upon its people and its reputation

Whenever Mugabe felt under pressure he defaulted to sanctioning human rights violations, publicly defending the actions of his officials

Mugabe leaves behind permanent scars of his brutal rule. Going forward, those who come after him must forge a national healing programme, beginning with accountability for the past human rights violations. Zimbabweans deserve the truth

It is important to remember that in 2015 Mugabe declined the Confucius Peace Prize when he learned that this prize was not connected to the Chinese government .

The following are the word pronounces by Ghose when he went to Zimbawe with a group of singer-disciples :

Sri Chinmoy: “Beloved President, Supreme Pilot of Zimbabwe, I am extremely, extremely grateful to you for kindly allowing me to be in your blessingful presence. …I am sure that God the Almighty will give you more opportunities to bring unity, higher education and greater health to your countrymen …… you are a supremely chosen instrument of His and you have played your part beautifully and successfully. … your noble deeds teach the supreme necessity of discarding the darkness-bound past and moving confidently toward the sunlit future….you have set a shining example for your people and given your beloved Zimbabwe a foundation of peace and stability during its crucial formative years. “The U Thant Peace Award is presented to His Excellency Comrade Robert Mugabe, President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, for his: – life-long commitment to the independence of his country and to its attainment of lasting justice and peace; -extraordinary determination to forge a government of unity, with participation by all races and ethnic groups, making peace-building partners of former enemies; – courageous conviction and stalwart integrity complemented by an enlightened wisdom that values the best of the old, the brightest of the new and their enduring oneness-strength-victory – illustrious leadership in the arena of blossoming African nation-states and eloquent spokesmanship for a progressive and dynamic comity of nations in tomorrow’s world. With our deepest appreciation, admiration and gratitude, Sri Chinmoy; The Peace Meditation at the United Nations, 1 January 1966.” Song: PRESIDENT ROBERT MUGABE: A HEART-ENLIGHTENMENT-HERO President Robert Mugabe, President! A great Heor’s heart-enlightenment You were your Africa’s streaming tears. Your are your Africa’s blooming cheers. Your Africa’s sun and Africa’s sky Beckon your confidence-life to them to fly. Sri chinmoy

Patrick B.


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